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If you are looking for hotels which accept pets in Barcelona, Madrid or Valencia, Travelodge Hotels are the ideal solution. At Travelodge we want you to live your business and leisure trips with total freedom. We offer you the possibility of staying with your pet so that, you can live your best moments together.

Travelodge is your hotel which accepts pets in Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia. We love pets and we know how important is to enjoy their company every day of the year independently where you are. For this reason, offering you the best service is essential for us to make you and your pet feel like home.

Don´t travel without your pet anymore and enjoy Travelodge Hotels. Best budget hotels which accept pets offering you best quality-prices rate and an unmatched treat for you and your pet.

(Accommodation with pets has an extra cost of 20 € per stay. For solving any question regarding your pet do not hesitate to check our applicable conditions with the hotel)

Minimum Price Guaranteed

Free Wifi Available

Exclusive Buffet Breakfast